We believe that  integrity is the backbone of any business.  Discount Custom Flags is  a family run business, known for customer service and vast resources. Since 1983 we have been in the industry marketing Flags, Flagpoles, Banners, Pennant Strings and Promotional Products.   Because of our standard of belief and convictions, you will find that we will do our best to see that your needs are our priority.  Our customer service is above all else.   

Just a note about our Business:

  1. We are rated with the highest level of service by our customers. For many years we only advertised by “Word of Mouth”.We’ve been in business over 24 years; our longevity is a direct result of our focus on customer service and great deals. Because of our long-standing relationship with top manufacturers, we have more of the best deals in the industry that most of our competitors. Low prices! Most of our products we sell to the public atbelow catalog prices. We offer exclusive manufacturer sale prices available to distributors. If we get a discount, so do you!
  2. We have Live Support. You can speak directly with a sales representative from our website during our business hours when you call. We have some of the fastest call answer times in the industry, as well as quick email and phone response. We have real people answering your email and telephone concerns with genuine care, so that we may resolve your questions as quickly as possible.
  3. We have accessibility to thousands of products. We can have nearly any flag made at the lowest possible cost to you.  Quantity pricing  is available. No shipping cost on any flag orders! Either discounted or no shipping cost on Pennant String orders .Free shipping on selected Promotional items. We never charge any handling fees.
  4. Quality products. ALL our Domestically manufactured Flags, Pennant Strings, and Banners, are made from the best quality materials in the USA. We use only the top Manufacturers in the USA, who also use only the best made products available. Likewise, we only use the best imported flag material, from the top most respected manufacturer in China. We always leave the choice to you. Our Promotional products are from the top manufacturers in the industry.We want to have a long lasting relationship with you, and we know that only happens when you have the best made product and the best customer service available. We have years of experience, therefore years of product knowledge. We will answer all of your questions. You will notice that our prices are lower than most. This is because of the purchasing power we have to buy our products. We set our prices based on our costs, not the industry’s catalog price structure. Don’t be fooled, apples to apples, we have the lowest prices of purely U.S. Made Flags & as well as imported and trade show items. This is because we deal directly with the actual manufacturers.
  5. We work hard to make sure that your privacy and your personal information are never compromised. We never sell or share your information. We do not use your information for marketing or any other purposes other than to fulfill orders. In addition for our online orders, we use PayPal to ensure your safety and satisfaction.  If you order by phone, our office never keeps your financial information ;it is always destroyed after the order is complete.
  6. Why order from us? Great reasons: Useful features on our website. User friendly. Categorized by product. Prices  listed for most items. Secure user accounts. Easy to find contact information. An email address that is checked every 30-60 minutes during business hours. Specifications and accessories  available for most of our most popular products.  Hours of operation: 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time. Monday-Friday.